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Matching Exercise

Application Terms Matching Exercise #1


Group I

a. Surname/Family Name

1. your birthdate

b. Forenames/ Christian Names/Other Names/ Given Names

2. high school education

c. Maiden Name/Nee/Former Name

3. your wife's/husband's name

d. Preferred Name

4. name common to all members of your family

e. D.O.B.        

5. female's name before marriage

f. Home/Residential Address

6. medical or physical problems

g. Marital Status

7. the people who you support

h. Religion

8. the person who looks after you if your parents do not

i. Secondary Education

9. the name in b which you like to be called

j. Tertiary Education

10. names of places you went to in i & j

k. Institutions Attended

11. Tech., College., or Uni education

l. Dependents

12. whether you are single, married, widowed, divorced, separated or in a defacto relationship

m. Spouse

13. the names given to you which make you different from other members of your family

n. Guardian

14. where you live

o. Disability

15. you don't need to answer this question



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