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Interview Dress Article 2



       A frequent complaint interviewers have is the way people dress for the interview.  Interviewers are favorably impressed by people who arrive “dressed to go to work”.  Torn clothing, tank tops, biker shorts, dirty clothes are almost sure to guarantee you a “We have no openings at this time”.  Remember, according to Ann Landers, “How a person dresses expresses the importance he or she attaches to the event and/or the establishment.”

       So what should you wear?


For Women:        

     Wear a nice outfit.  Make sure it fits properly, is clean and pressed.   Keep it appropriate for the position for which you are interviewing.  If you are interviewing for an office  position a basic dress or blouse and tailored skirt is fine. Very basic colors or styles are easier to put together than a fancier outfit. If you are interviewing for a manufacturing, assembly or warehouse position casual clothing such as slacks or nice jeans are O.K.

     Make sure you are freshly bathed, your breath is fresh, your hair is clean and neatly styled (basic hair styles are easier to care for and cause less stress the day of the interview), make-up is natural looking (remember, bold blue eye-shadow is OUT), nails clean and trimmed.  (Employers recommend that if you want to wear nail polish, neutral shades are best.)  Wear little or no perfume.


For Men: 

     Be sure that what you wear fits well, is clean and pressed.  No matter what type of position you are interviewing for (general laborer, retail) a nice pair of pants and a shirt with a collar look good.  Jeans and a sport shirt (NO tee-shirts!) are OK if you are applying for a position where you would be required to wear a uniform.  Don’t make a fashion or political statement with bright colors or slogans on shirts.

     Make sure you are freshly bathed, your breath is fresh, your hair is clean and neatly trimmed, and your nails are clean and trimmed.  Wear little or no aftershave.

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