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Interview Dress Article #1

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No matter what anyone says, you know first impressions do count.  The employer forms an opinion of you right from the start.  Your dress and appearance are big factors in creating an impression.  It should convey pride in yourself and in the type of work you do.  As a general rule, dress for the interview the way the best employees holding similar positions dress on the job. Whatever you wear to the interview should fit well, be clean and pressed.  Look like you are ready to go to work!

For Women

If you are interviewing for work in a general work area, a basic dress, blouse and tailored skirt or slacks can be worn.  Keep it basic in style, color, and design.  Save the barelook, sheer fabrics, and bright colors and bold prints for your social life.  Wear natural, unsnagged hose and plain shoes with dresses and skirts.

Make sure you are freshly bathed and your hair is clean and neatly styled, make-up natural looking (remember, bold blue eye-shadow is OUT), nails clean and trimmed and only neutral nail polish.  Keep the perfume light.  It shouldn’t proceed you into the interviewer’s office.

For Men

No matter what type of position you are applying for (general laborer, retail) a nice pair of pants and a shirt with a collar look good.  Jeans and a sport shirt (NO tee-shirts!) are OK if you are applying for a position where you would be required to wear a uniform.  Don’t make a fashion or political statement with bright colors or slogans on shirts.

Personal hygiene is important.  You should be freshly bathed, hair should be clean and neatly cut, and mustaches and beards neatly trimmed.  Use a light touch with the aftershave, too!

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