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Illegal Interview Questions

Illegal Interview Questions


Tips for Answering Illegal Interview Questions

Below are tips for answering illegal interview questions.

  • Just Answer
    If the question doesn't bother you, just answer it. (It's not illegal to answer.) But proceed with caution, as it might bite you later. You might not get the job, even if it's illegal to deny you employment.
  • Refuse to Answer
    Point out that it's not an appropriate job interview question and you don't feel comfortable answering it. (Avoid the term illegal interview question since it might not be, at least not yet.) That's your right. But that might bite you later too.
  • Tactfully Sidestep
    Assess the motive behind the question. If you don't think it was malicious and you really want the job, then put it back on the interviewer or answer indirectly. This might make the interviewer realize that he or she asked an inappropriate question. For example, if an interviewer asks about your
    • Personal life, you might respond with, "I prefer to keep personal and business matters separate."
    • Children, your reply might be, "Are you concerned that I won't be able to travel or work overtime?"
    • Disability, you might say something like, "If you're concerned that I won't be able to perform the duties of the job, I'm sure I can."
    • Country of origin, you could say, "If you're going to ask next whether or not I'm authorized to work in the USA, I am."


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