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Matching Exercise #2

Application Terms Matching Exercise #2


Group II

a. Conviction/Offences

1. any period of time spent in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Reserve Forces

b. Next fo Kin

2. signed statement saying that all the information given is true and correct

c. Period of Notice/Availability

3. previous person or firm you have worked for

d. Referees

4. your closest relative-wife, husband, father, mother, etc.

e. Armed Services

5. those times you've been found guilty of trouble with the law

f. Citizenship

6. those responsible people who can tell someone about your character and/or how well you might work

g. Former Employer

7. not applicable, doesn't apply to me

h. Work History/Experience

8. person's name written (not printed)

i. Place of Birth

9. amount of time needed before you can start new job and/or leave old one

j. Mother's Maiden Name

10. what job a person does for a living

k. Occupation

11. country/town where you were born

l. Declaration

12. country of birth or of naturalism

m. Signature

13. details of the places/jobs you have been employed in

n. N/A

14. your mother's surname before she married


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