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Interview Basics Checklist

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1.      First of all, make sure your telephone skills are businesslike.

2.      DO YOUR HOMEWORK!  Find out as much as possible about the job and company before the interview.

3.      Dress for success by being neat, clean, and well-groomed.

4.      Enter the room with a smile and good eye contact.

5.      FIRMLY shake hands (if the interviewer offers his/her hand first).

6.      Project self-confidence through your eye contact, body language, listening skills and voice.

7.      Sit in a position that is comfortable for you but DO NOT SLOUCH.

8.      Be pleasant, businesslike and professional.

9.      Your should project a positive attitude and personality.

10. Let the interviewer lead the interview but make sure you ask intelligent questions.

11. No matter how interesting you are, it is not wise to dominate the conversation.

12. Give concrete examples that explain your skills, abilities, work habits, and personality.

13. Be a problem solver.  Think of the duties of the job so that your answers show you can fill the interviewer’s needs.

14. Keep your answers short, to the point and use complete sentences.

15. Stay away from negatively charged words such as fired, can’t, won’t, I think, or I guess, etc.

16. Act interested in the company and the job, even if the job is not what you expected. 

17. Have your references neatly typed, ready to give the interviewer.  Make sure that you include all the correct addresses and phone numbers for business and personal references.

18. Ask questions related to the job or company.  DO NOT DISCUSS SALARY OR BENEFITS, unless the interviewer brings it up first.  The time to discuss salary is when the job has been offered to you.

19. At the close of the interview, indicate you interest in the job, thank the person for their time and shake hands on the way out.

20. Evaluate the interview when it is over.  It will help you “fine tune” your skills for future interviews by improving the weak spots in your presentation.


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