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The Best Qualified Candidate

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DOES YOUR RESUME WEAR BLUE JEANS?  by C. Edward Good & William G. Fitzpatrick

            The rules for the interview are based on one theory only.  If you were called, you probably are qualified for the job.  Your task is to show the company you are the best qualified of the candidates who are competing.  Here are some suggestions for doing that.

¨      Always Be Positive.  Losers dwell on past losses, winners dwell on future successes.  Don’t worry about where you have been, worry about where you’re going.  Make sure your accomplishments are related to your capabilities.

¨      Listen, Listen, Listen.  Throughout the interview, concentrate to be sure you’re really listening to what the interviewer has to say..  It looks bad when you ask a question the interviewer has just answered.

¨      State Your Qualifications, Not Your Drawbacks.  Tell them what you can do; let them wonder about what you can’t do.

¨      Ask Questions.  Be sure to ask intelligent, well-thought-out questions that indicate you are trying to find out what you can do for the company.

¨      Stay Focused. Concentrate on the conversation at hand.  Don’t get off on extraneous matters that have nothing to do with the job or your qualifications.

¨      Don’t Get Personal.  Keep personal issues out of the interview.

¨      Rehearse.  Plan some answers to obvious questions.  Why did you leave your previous position?  What are your training and experience going to do for the company?

¨      Maintain Eye Contact.  If you can’t look the interviewers in the eye, they won’t believe your answer.  Further, there are no answers written on the ceiling, so if you get in a bind, don’t look up for divine guidance.  The answer is not on the ceiling.  It’s in your head.

¨      Pause a Moment. Take a moment before each answer to consider what you will say.  Don’t answer the question in a rush, but reflect a moment to get it straight.

¨      Don’t Drink, Don’t Smoke.  In fact, don’t ingest anything at all.  Although it is polite to accept a proffered drink, it is not polite to spill it in your lap.  You will be nervous,, so don’t take the chance.  Remember, they are merely trying to establish rapport.  Besides, you can’t maintain eye contact while drinking or eating.


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