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Application Quiz

Using the information from the articles in Activity 1, please print  and complete the following 10 question quiz. (Or see instructor for copy of quiz). After you have answered each question, have instructor go over with you.
True or False:
(1)  Being appropriately dressed only applies when returning an application.   _______________________
(2)  Leaving sections blank on application is okay.  Afterall, not every section will apply to you.  __________________
(3)  Put "any" or "open" for the position applying for. That way the employer can decided where to put you.  ______________
Multiple Choice: Circle you answer
(4)  When job searching, you should bring the following items:
     a.  Ball point pen (blue or black ink)
     b.  Pocket Resume
     c.  Copy of resume
     d.  All the above
     e.  None of the above
(5)  Most common mistakes made by job seekers are:
     a.  Not following directions
     b.  Filling in every space, using N/A where needed
     c.  Misspelled words
     d.  Being neat and accurate
     e.  A and  C
(6)  Helpful tips to follow when completing applications:
     a.  Greet receptionist politely when requesting application
     b.  Sign and date application
     c.  Reread application before turning in to check for errors
     d.  Be honest with answers
     e.  All the above
(7)  ____________is the section of the application where you would list those people who could talk about what kind of person you are or what kind of employee you are.
(8) Listing past employers, dates you worked, and job duties you did, is listed in what section of the application. __________
(9)  _____________ is the best policy when filling out applications.  You can be fired for not being __________.
(10)  Why do you think employers spend time and money having you fill out an application.

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