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Sample Cover Letter 1

Sample Cover Letter 1

                                                                                Brenda Preston
                                                                                113 S. Meridain RD
                                                                                Cape, CT  11721
                                                                                May 25, 20--
Ms. Willa Holmes
New England Power and Light
604 Waterway Blvd.
Parien, CT 11716
I am following up on the brief chat we had today by phone.  After getting the details on the position you have open, I am certain that it is the kind of job I have been looking for.   A copy of my resume is enclosed providing more details of my background.  I hope you have a chance to review it before we meet next week.
My special interest has long been in the large-volume order processing systems that your organization has developed so well.  While in school I researched the flow of order processing work for a large corporation as part of a class assignment.  With some simple and inexpensive procedural changes I recommended, check-processing time was reduced by an average of three days.  For the number of checks and dollars involved, this one change resulted in an estimated increase in interest revenues of over $35,000 per year.  Details do count!
While I have recently graduated from business school, I do have considerable experience for a person of my age.  I have worked in a variety of jobs dealing with large numbers of people and deadline pressure.  My studies have also been far more " hands on" and practical than those of most schools, so I have a good working knowledge of current business systems and procedures.  This includes a good understanding of various computer spreadsheet and applications programs, the use of automation, and experience with cutting costs and increasing profits.  I am also a hard worker and realize I will need to apply myself to get estibalished in my career.
I am most interested in the position you have available and am excited about the potential it offers.  I look forward to seeing you next week.
                                                                              (You would sign
                                                                               your name here)
                                                                                Brenda Preston

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