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Sample Cover Letter Two

123 4th Street
Knotty, New York 12345
(570) 732-9876
June 30, 20XX
Coco Restaurant
456 5th Street
Knotty, New York 12789
Dear Ms. Roof,
I am submitting my resume in response to the ad for full time servers at Coco Restaurant.  I found the advertisement in the New York Reader on Monday, June 29.  Please review the enclosed resume to learn more about my qualifications.
I have varied experience in the restaurant and customer service fields, and I am looking for employment that will help develop my skills as I continue my education.  As you will notice, I have experience in waiting tables, with the cash register, and in customer service.  In addition, I am motivated and dependable and will make an excellant addition to your staff.
After reviewing my resume, I am sure you will agree that my experiences make me an outstanding canidate for your position opening.  If you have any additional questions or to set up an interview, please call me at (570) 265-1234.  Thank you for reviewing my resume.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.
(You would sign you name here)
Andrea Simmons

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