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Cold Cover Letters

Choose a place of employment and write a cold cover letter.  Be sure to include all of your strengths and how you can benefit the business. 

Format of cover letter for non-professional or entry level position




Your Name

Your Address

Town, State, Zip Code

Phone Number

One line


Two lines


Company Representative


Company Name

Company Address

City, State, Zip Code

One line

Dear Company Representative:

One line


Tell why you are writing; name the position, field, or general occupational area that you are asking about; if you know of a specific job opening, mention it.  When responding to an advertisement, be sure to include the name and date of the publication in which it was placed.  If referred by a contact person, mention the fact and include the person’s name in your opening sentence.

One line


Mention one or two qualifications you think would be of greatest interest to the employer, slanting your remarks to his point of view.  Tell why you are particularly interested in his company, location, or type of work.  If you have had related experience, or specialized training, be sure to point it out.

One line


Refer the reader to the enclosed resume, application or the medium which give information concerning your qualifications.  Close by making a specific request for an interview.  Make sure your closing is not vague, but makes a specific action from the reader likely.

One line



Four lines for your signature



Your Name

Two lines




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