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What an employer expects

Read the qualities an employer looks for in an employee.  Think about which qualities you have and where you can improve.

Employability skills are the generic skills, attitudes, and behaviors that employers look for in new employees and that they develop through training programs for current employees.  In the workplace the skills are integrated and used in varying combinations, depending on the nature of the particular job activities.


The following three skill areas provide the basic foundation to get, keep, and progress on a job and to achieve the best results.  Employers need a person who can:



v      Understand and speak the  languages in which business is conducted

v      Listen to understand and learn

v      Read, comprehend and use written materials, including graphs, charts and displays

v      Write effectively in the languages in which the business is conducted


v      Think critically and act logically to evaluate situations, solve problems, and make                decisions

v      Understand and solve problems involving mathematics and use the results

v      Use technology, instruments, tools and information systems effectively

v      Access and apply specialized knowledge from various fields


v      Continue to learn for life



Positive Attitudes And Behaviors

v      Self-esteem and confidence

v      Honesty, integrity, and personal ethics

v      A positive attitude toward learning, growth, and personal health

v      Initiative, energy, and persistence to get the job done


v      The ability to set goals and priorities in work and personal life

v      The ability to plan and manage time, money and other resources to achieve goals

v      Accountability for actions taken


v      A positive attitude toward change

v      Recognition of and respect for people’s diversity and individual differences

v      The ability to identify and suggest new ideas to get the job done – creativity



Work With Others

v      Understand and contribute to the organization’s goals

v      Understand and work within the culture of the group

v      Plan and make decisions with others and support the outcomes

v      Respect the thoughts and opinions of others in the group

v      Exercise “give and take” to achieve group results

v      Seek a team approach as appropriate

v      Lead when appropriate, mobilizing the group for high performance

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