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Read the following and answer the questions at the end.

Whether you are picking up an application or have an interview, employers respond favorably to candidates who are well groomed and wear clothes that fit, are clean, and job appropriate.  It is particularly important to be clean and well groomed when applying for a position that involves food.  Your hair should be clean; and if you wear it long, it should be pulled back from your face.  Managers in restaurants and food stores have commented on the cleanliness (or lack of ) in prospective employers.
Employers are interested in people who have a good work ethic.  One employer defines this as "showing up when you are scheduled and working hard."  Another employer expands the definition to include "not being involved in the pettiness that occasionally develops in the work place."  All employers like people who want to be there and want to work.
Employers require someone who will show up when scheduled (dependable), take pride in doing a good job (hard worker), and cooperate with coworkers (team player).  No employer likes to hear "That's not my job". For a retail position, employers also require someone who will provide excellent customer service (reliable) and be available to work the hours the store is open (flexible).
JCPenneys:  Don't bring a friend to pick up an application or to the interview.
Guthrie Health Care Systems:  Don't show up in jeans or with poor personal hygiene.
Dandy Mini Marts:  Be honest in filling out the application.  Don't say "left for a better job" and then have no employment history for three to six months.
Tops Friendly Market:  Look interviewer in the eye but don't have a staring contest.  Dress nicely (no spandex) and be clean.
Paper Magic:  Because it is factory work, it's OK to wear jeans to the interview but applicants must be clean and neat.  "Body odor and bad breath are turnoffs in the interview and on the job!"
Hessleson's:  Do not wear a ball cap to pick up an application or to the interview.  "Come to the interview looking like you are ready to go to work."
1.  Name three things employers expect of all employees.  Give an example from your personal experience.
2.  You are interested in working at the local grocery store.  How do you think you should look to pick up an application?  For the interview?  What do you think the interviewer is looking for when he asks what hours are you available to work?
3.  What is your definition of a good work ethic?  Does it match the employer's definition in the article?
4.  What would you wear to an interview at KMart?  What would you wear to an iterview at a local manufacturing company?  For a receptionist position?  Is there a difference?  If yes, why?
5.  Look up these words to strengthen you vocabulary.


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