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Job Search 101


Finding a job is a job!  Employability wisdom dictates that for a 40-hour per week position, the job search activities should be 40 hours per week.  A good job search is a combination of visiting/calling employers, networking with friends and former co-workers, reading the newspaper daily, searching on-line employment sites, and visiting the local CareerLink.

To help job seekers remain focused on the job search, it is wise to establish a routine or schedule.

1.      Get up and dress as if you were going to work.   Sweats may be comfortable, but if you wouldn’t wear sweats to work, don’t wear them while you job search.  Remember, an employer may call you at any time for an interview and you want to be prepared!

2.      Check job postings on the Internet.  Be sure to check the CareerLink site for the current openings in your area.

3.      Read the newspaper, but don’t just concentrate on the want ads.  Look to see if there are any new businesses coming to the area, companies expanding their business, any layoffs that might be looming – in short anything that impacts the way a company does business.

4.      Respond to all ads/postings that interest you, but be sure to follow the directions.  If the ad requests that you submit a cover letter and resume (on good quality paper) that is exactly what the employer means.  Don’t call or visit the employer: he won’t be impressed that you can’t follow directions.  Make sure that your cover letter and resume match the employer’s requirements.

5.      Look through the yellow pages in the phone book for businesses that would utilize your skills.  Call the business to find out who is in charge of hiring and send a cover letter  (along with a resume) to that person.

6.      Keep a daily log of all the business contacts you make, including name of person responsible for hiring, address, phone number, and notes from the contact.  Are you to call them back in three days or will the business contact you?

7.      If you go out to apply at local businesses, be sure to bring clean copies of your resume, black or blue ink pens, list of your references, and your notebook.  Be sure to print legibly and follow directions on the application. Again, keep track of whom you spoke to, the date, and any other pertinent information.

8.      Expand your network by at least one contact every day.  Tell everyone you know you are looking for a job, what kind of job you are looking for, and what your skills are.  You never know who will be able to help you: a former co-worker, a friend of a friend, your hairdresser.

For a class on job searching, creating your resume, and improving your interviewing skills, please call Ginnie Schoonover at Bradford County Action (570) 265-4434 or the Bradford/Sullivan CareerLink (570) 265-2171.

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