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Listing Interests

Analyze Your Interests
Do you detect a repetition of the kinds of subjects and activities you enjoy? Do you seem to be more comfortable working with ...People? ... Data? ...Equipment? Some interests may seem contradictory, like public speaking and research, but don't overlook a single one. Jot them down. Your list may or may not include such diverse interests as:

  • writing
  • politics
  • hiking
  • science
  • traveling
  • reading
  • carpentry
  • teaching
  • crime novels
  • fund raising
  • theatre
  • public speaking
  • art
  • charity work
  • cars
  • engineering
  • sports
  • juggling
  • math
  • cooking
  • friends
  • music
  • computers
  • fishing

If you run out of ideas or find it difficult to get started, your friends and family may also help suggest things they have seen you enjoy. If you seek the advice of your friends and family, make sure it is not their interests you write down.

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Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.