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My Personal Strengths and Achievements

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Review Your Personal Strengths and Achievements
Review what you have compiled so far. Your lists of courses, school activities, outside activities and work experience. Then make a list in each category of what you consider to be your high points or strengths.

  • getting an 'A' in chemistry
  • learning a difficult computer program
  • creating your own interactive web page
  • winning a trophy in tennis
  • running a successful campaign to be voted school captain
  • playing guitar in a band
  • designing an outrageous costume for a fancy dress party
  • being voted 'favorite peer tutor' at a camp for kids
  • being named 'employee of the month'

Come up with five or six examples and describe each more fully. In simple terms, try to explain:

  • what you did
  • where
  • with whom
  • what equipment you used
  • why the experience was so memorable or satisfying

Once you have completed this, put it away. After a few days, you will be ready to look at it with a fresh perspective, and be better able to recognise patterns of interest, skills and values.


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