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Summarizing Goals and Interests

The purpose behind the analysis of goals and interests is to help you develop personal insight that will help you to choose some areas of interest to pursue and some areas that you will not pursue AT THIS POINT IN TIME. Understanding yourself more thoroughly will assist you in making decisions on how and what you want to achieve at BCA.

By putting this information on your academic assessments and financial status together with information about services offered through BCA, you should be able to get a clearer picture decisiona you will want to make in the near future. In review: 

Yes / No

  • I can list the courses from high school in which I obtained my personal best results.
  • I can discuss in detail my previous accomplishments in school, work, leisure time.
  • I can list activities that really interest me.
  • I can list my strongest skills.
  • I have decided which values mean most to me right now.
  • I have reviewed my questionnaires and identified areas of interest.

Ideally, you have answered 'yes' to all six statements! If you still feel confused at this point, you will want to continue to investigate goals and interests on your own before making decisions that you may not be happy with in the future.

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Real success is finding your life work in the work you love.