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Edition #4

Bradford County Action, Inc.



What can help you get a job?


Advanced Selling Strategies by Brian Tracey

            Because of the power of visual impressions, your posture is terribly important in an interview. There are a series of things you can do to come across as the most professional and credible job candidate.  The very first is for you to stand up and sit up straight as an arrow.  Your back should be as straight as if there was a board strapped to it.  When you get up to greet the interviewer, imagine that there is a string holding your body from the top of your head pulling your head higher and making your body almost dangle from your neck.  If you practice this element of posture, you will find yourself standing and walking in a more erect and regal way in everything you do.

            One of the interesting discoveries concerning posture is that lifting your chin up changes your attitude and your physiology.  The very act of raising your chin causes you to feel more positive, be more alert, and stand more erect.

            Whenever a person feels good about himself, he invariably walks with his chin held high.  When a person feels depressed, his chin drops.  When you raise your chin and hold your head high with your shoulders and back erect, you look and feel like a winner.  You are more positive, more alert, more optimistic, and more outgoing.  And this positive impression is conveyed instantaneously to the interviewer.              


Be on time.  There are very few acceptable reasons for being late.  Usually, being late is you own fault and could have been avoided.  For example, “I missed the bus”, and “I ran out of gas” are poor excuses.  You could easily have avoided either problem.




Smile every time you greet customers in person and every time you answer the phone.  Remember, you can hear smiles as well as see them.  And smiling whenever you pick up the phone will keep you positive and up beat.  Try it…it really works!

A smile costs nothing and is contagious.  Your face telegraphs how you feel.


Employers expect workers to:

q  Have a neat and clean appearance.

q  Be on time.

q  Be a team player.

q  Keep tasks organized.

q  Have a positive attitude.

q  Be honest.

q  Do the best job possible.

q  Follow instructions.

q  Take pride in the work.

q  Enjoy work and show it!

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