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Career Exploration

The following websites and activities are designed to help you as you begin  job searching or researching different careers.


Goals and Interests

What are your goals?
1.  Define the goal.

2.  Outline the steps needed to achieve it.

3.  Consider possible blocks and ways of dealing with them.

4.  Set deadlines.

In order for something to be a goal:

• It has to be important to you, personally.
• It has to be within your power to make it happen through your own actions.
• It has to be something you have a reasonable chance of achieving.
• It must be clearly defined and have a specific plan of action.

Print out the General Survey Assessment of your interests and goals. Once you have completed all of the questions either in class or at home, please return to your instructor.

Goals can be either short term or long term. List several of your short and long term goals using the Personal Goal Sheet.

On the Goal Setting Activity, tell what steps are needed to meet the goals, why the goal is important to you, what your target date for meeting the goal is, and what barriers need to be overcome prior to you meeting your goal.

Budget Your Life

Interest Surveys and Inventories help you identify your interests related to the world of work. An inventory can assist you in identifying training, education, or careers with activities that you might like doing. Something to think about...many people have a successful career in a field that they would not consider their hobby. Hobbies can be enjoyed outside of your work world and your work can be in an area unrelated to activities you do for enjoyment. However, you may enjoy your employment more if you are interested in the work itself or different aspects of the job. For example, someone who is not interested in helping others or who does not exhibit humanitarian tendancies may not be happy as a nurse. Identifying your interests can assist you with setting employment and training goals. 
Complete Thinking About My Interests and Listing Interests and give them to your instructor.
Another resource for goal setting and determining interests is the O'Net Website. Your instructor will point out some of the tools available on the O'Net site.

Work Personality Assessment

Just as important as other information about yourself you have already assessed, your values may also be a deciding factor in what kind of employment choices you make. Values are particularly important in helping to decide what is really important to you. That's what values are. Since some of your values may be in some conflict, you may need to set priorities amongst your values. Assess your values using the information on values, and take the Values Survey your instructor provides for you.

After reading the information in Summarizing Goals and  Values, do you feel that you are firm in education and training goals that you are setting for yourself? Why or why not?


Career Exploration Websites

If you have not already done so, logon to the CareerLink Website and enroll as a job seeker. If you are already enrolled as a job seeker, be sure to logon to update your resume if have been changes since it was first made. Check job openings to apply for jobs.
Please print off a copy of your most recent CareerLink resume when it is finished so it is ready for the instructor when it is needed.

My Next Move

Research Occupations

The Pennsylvania Civil Service Website provides employment opportunities for individuals with appropriate qualifications. Explore the civil service website and click on the back button to return to the BCA website.

A website called All Retail Jobs provides information fro those who are interested in retail positions. Explore the site and click on the back button to get back to the website.

The website for the New York State Department of Labor provides information about employment opportunities in New York state. Click on the back button to return to the BCA website.

Part III

Career Exploration Tools


The website for the Pennsylvania Career Guide provides information about career choices in Pennsylvania. Click on the back button to return to the BCA website.

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