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Training Sponsorship

Post High School Training
Bradford County Action receives WIA and welfare funds to sponsor Bradford County resident participants for post high school training. In order to be considered for training sponsorship by Bradford County Action, a participant must have a substantial need for training services and be in need of more intensive services to gain employment. Clients must have tried to gain employment through core services prior to being provided more intensive training services through WIA or welfare programs. To be eligible for training sponsorship, clients may not be in default of payment on past student loans and must not have received training sponsorship through BCA previously.

WIA Adult, Dislocated Worker, or Youth Training Sponsorship
Financial assistance may be available for individuals who wish to attend school for up to twenty-four months (2 years) studying for a specific occupation which leads to an associates degree or a certificate of completion. WIA funds cover the cost of tuition, books and required supplies (if not covered through another source). Sponsorship is limited to $7,500 over the 2 year period.

Welfare Program Sponsorship Through BCA
Welfare funds cover tuition only as books and supplies are usually covered through the Bradford County Assistance Office. Clients request services (books, uniforms, supplies, fees, and graduation costs, etc.) from the CAO for payment of special needs allowances prior to requesting services through BCA. Vocational Skills Training sponsorship is limited to 12 months in a lifetime while Advanced Degree Program sponsorship is limited to 2 years. Sponsorship is limited to $8,000 per individual.

Client Prerequisites for Training Sponsorship
Applicants are considered for approval by BCA supervisors once all prerequisite steps have been completed.

CareerPrep Requirements
CareerPrep must be completed by the applicant. The training requested must be on the CareerLink approved training site list and the occupation must be a demand occupation. All requirements must be read, completed, submitted and approved by the case manager and program director.

CAO Sponsorship of Some Expenses
Bradford County Action can pay for expenses relating to training (tuition, books, tools, materials, uniforms, testing fees, etc.) when they are not covered by another source. The client must have a denial for services from the county assistance office (CAO) in their file prior to invoices being paid by BCA. Welfare clients should have books and fees paid for through the CAO. If an individual is eligible to receive services from the CAO, they must request these services from their CAO case worker. Services are not automatically provided or offered by the CAO, but must be denied through the CAO prior to BCA paying for them.

Time sheets for training must be submitted to the case manager routinely (WIA every two weeks and Welfare every week). If time sheets documenting attendance in training are not received, payment on tuition invoices or post program testing fees will not be approved and processed.

Enrichment Opportunites
Bradford County Action enrichment classes continue to be available for any student to attend. Students may use computers to write papers or get assistance studying for tests. If a student would like help studying for a test, it would be a good idea to remind students to call ahead to schedule a time when one-on-one assistance will be available.

Loan Monies
Loan monies accepted by students may have to be paid back to the school if a student drops out of training for any reason. Bradford County Action funds cannot pay these loan amounts back to the schools.

Follow - Up
Once training is complete, the case manager will remain in contact with students to ensure that the most comprehensive job search services are provided. Students obtaining employment agree prior to training to provide employment information and follow-up contacts with their case manager. The employment and follow-up information is used by the state to assess the value of training services for PA residents.

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